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Bezeichnung für den Mittelmeeraum, also das Meer bis zur Straße von Gibraltar (Säulen des Herakles) und zum Bosporus, die Inseln sowie die küstennahen Regionen von Südeuropa, Vorderasien, Nordafrika, begrenzt durch die Gebirgszüge im Hinterland. Reisende erkennen das Mediterraneum einfach am Verbreitungsgebiet des Olivenbaums (“Ölbaumgrenze”).

  • Stampolidēs, Nikolaos Chr.
    Sea routes from Sidon to Huelva.
    Interconnections in the Mediterranean 16th - 6th c. BC.

    625 S. Athens 2003: Museum of Cycladic Art. Inhalt u.a.:
    • Athanassia Kanta
      The Aegean world between East and West : Aspects of common cultural elements from the 16th to the 11th c. BC
    • Nicholas Stampolidis
      A summary glance at the Mediterranean in the Early Iron Age (11th-6th c. BC)
    • Michel al-Maqdissi
      The Syrian coast : 1000 years of archeology (1600-600 BC)
    • Sophocles Hadjisavvas
      Cyprus and the Mediterranean world ca. 1600-600 BC
    • Wolf-Dietrich Niemeier
      Greek territories and the Hittite empire.
      Mycenaeans and Hittites in west Asia Minor
    • Massimiliano Marazzi
      The Mycenaeans in the western Mediterranean (17th-13th c. BC)
    • Michaela Angle
      “Gifts offered in reciprocation–” : At the dawn of myth : the Mycenaeans at Latium
    • Francesca Radina
      Overseas trade and the coastal centres of the Adriatic Apulia during the Bronze Age
    • Rosalba Panvini
      Mid-southern Sicily and its contacts with the Aegean and Crete between the 16th and the 6th c. BC
    • Giuseppe Castellana
      The earliest contacts of the Akragas area [Agrigent auf Sizilien] with the Aegean
    • Francesca Spatafora
      North-western Sicily from the Middle Bronze Age to the Archaic period
    • Vicenzo Santoni
      Sardinia in the Mediterranean from the Middle until the Late Bronze Age
    • Fulvia Lo Schiavo
      Sardinia between East and West : interconnections in the Mediterranean
    • Carlo Tronchetti
      Sardinia and the Greek world from the 8th to the 6th c. BC
    • Giuliano de Marinis
      Contacts with the Aegean world and the Orient : The Orientalizing period at the Marche
    • Giuseppina Ghini
      The burial of an aristocratic lady at Vivaro in Rocca di Papa (Rome)
    • Claudio Sabbione
      South Calabria : The Aegean and eastern-Mediterranean contribution and influence
    • Carmela Di Stefano
      Motye [auf Sizilien]: a bridge between Carthage and the Tyrrhenian Sea
    • Anthony Pace
      Malta between the 16th and the 7th century BC
    • Habib Ben Younes
      Aspects of early Carthagian trade
    • Fernando Fernandez Gomez
      Tartessos : The outset : contacts with other Mediterranean peoples
    • Francesco Nicosia
      The adventure of Kolaios [um 630 BC, ein griechischer Händler und Seefahrer aus Samos]
    • Vasileios Aravantinos
      Pre-alphabetic writing in the Aegean
    • Charalambos Kritzas
      The introduction of the alphabet and the early Greek scripts
    • Beiträge zu bedeutenden Küstenorten: Sizilien: Gela, Himera, Naxos; Ischia: Pithekoussai, Libanon: Amurru und Regionen: Etruria (=Toskana), Metaponto (Basilikata), Siris
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